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her mind matters


who is she?


She is me, she is within us all, even if your pronouns are he/they/them. 

The "her" I speak of is just the little girl within me, the inner child I've been spending the better part of my adulthood healing, reparenting, and learning to love unconditionally. 

Why does her mind matter though? As a salon owner and beauty pro for the last 15 years, hair + makeup have always mattered. They were the majority of my lively hood for a decade and I've witnessed first hand, the instant confidence boost it has on other women when I would spin their chair around. But it was the magic during their color processing, that kept me in the industry this long. It was the stories, the confiding, the advice they always asked for that made me realized how big of an impact I was having on their soul, their mindset and that confidence comes from within.




Her Mind Matters started as a blog in 2010 and bloomed into a podcast in 2018 

It's since grown from one original to three on air shows. All hosted by empowered, ever healing women with different perspective and voices that deserved to be heard. House of Libra is Molly's solo podcast and was originally names "Her Mind Matters". It covers all things manifesting, mindset and finding balance within. It's like her on air diary as she shares life experiences, lessons learned and her perspective on everything. Venus Rich was the second original podcast that is co hosted with her bff Kayla who is a Conscious Relationship coach from Cali. These two discuss how to enrich our lives beyond wealth with love, relationships, business and motherhood. Her Voice Matters is the newest edition and is co hosted with Molly's other bff, Lexi who is also a salon owner based in Columbus Ohio. They spill tea on all things beauty industry and entrepreneurship. Binge one, binge all. We love to connect with our listeners and can't wait to become your new obsession.

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Pre Order Books
Her Mind Matters
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as a daughter of an alcoholic father who's disease took him from this world too soon, Molly is ready to share her side of the story - the story from an addicts loved ones POV

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stay tuned for Her Mind Matters: The Book

Media Services

CEO of stopping your scroll - let us stop your audience's for you 

HMM Media has evolved blogs. podcasts, and e books to managing other creators and companies social media accounts, refreshing or fully designing their websites, to creating graphics and content for them to increase engagement, build brand awareness and give them their time back, our most valuable asset of all.

social media management


Monthly packages start at $750+

These packages range from creating post templates and coaching and how to DIY your social platforms, to posting and completely running them for you, to managing your dms, to copy writing and creating high performing post, stories and reels with your provided content.  

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Having an easy to navigate yet captivating website is one of they key factors when building your personal or professional brand and we can build or refresh your dream website in a day! All packages include a coaching call & lifetime troubleshooting support. 

Creating content is exactly that, creative. It's been apart of Molly's personal business model since 2009 and what she's excelled in with her companies since 2014. We specialized in beauty, lifestyle and travel based user generated content that stops everyones scroll.


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