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The highlight reel:

35, divorced single mom of an 9 y/o 

That moved away from her hometown of Columbus, Ohio to Detroit, MI to start a new life with her soulmate. 

The recap:

Been in the beauty industry and owned salons since 2009. 

Went to college for Holistic Health and has been coaching women on manifesting and mindset since 2017. 

The behind the scenes:

A very, wear your heart on her sleeve kinda Libra, that has spent her life time people pleasing. Like you has lived through heartbreaks, loss, and betrayal but always finds the light, the silver lining, the way to persevere. Ready to spend the rest of her life sharing her story with millions if it's able to save one. Save them from feeling alone, like the only answer is no, or prevent them from moving on. 

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